Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is my thermostat busted? Or is my head gasket blown? How can i tell?

This is kinda two questions in one.

I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I will give you the whole story....its kinda long

Bought the car and drove for a few months and it ran hot so i figured i needed more anti freeze. I went and got an oil change and got all fluids refilled. After a bout a week the car was running hot again (2nd time). By this time i knew i had a leak. I would keep antifreeze in the car but i still drove it for about 2 months because i didn't have any extra money to get it fixed. When anti freeze was low the heat would only work when i was moving. I went thru, i say about 10 bottles of anti freeze and the car did run hot 2 more times (4 times). I got the car checked (Pressure check) and they told me i needed a new Tstat, Tstat housing, Tstat Gasket, and Upper and Lower hoses. So just to try and save money i went and bought a Tstat and Tstat Gasket and replaced them myself. Refilled coolant and drove. That wasn't the problem. With the new Tstat and Gasket i was still leaking. I ran hot again with new Tstat (1st time with new Tstat). I went to get it checked again and they did a pressure check again and saw that i needed a new water pump and from leaking so much anti freeze i needed a new timing belt. I have gotten this done but the car will only blow hot air when moving still and i know i am VERY full of anti freeze and there is no leak anymore.

I have read that this can be because of a bad Tstat but i just replaced mine...but i did run hot once or twice with the new one....

I have also been told that it could be a bad head gasket...but would my car still be running normal with no problems if i had bad head gasket???

Please give me some good feedback. I just spent about 500 bucks getting the work done and i don't wanna just go in there again for something that's not gonna fix the problem with the heat.

Thanks in advance.Is my thermostat busted? Or is my head gasket blown? How can i tell?it doesn't sound like a bad head gasket. my money is on the new T stat is faulty. I have bought more brand new ones that were bad then good ones always check them before installing them.Is my thermostat busted? Or is my head gasket blown? How can i tell?if it was a bad head gasket

you would have coolant leaking into the oil

or oil leaking into the coolant

so check your oil

if your thermostat was stuck open

your car wouldnt heat up properly, and would give out no heat

if the thermostat was stuck closed

the coolant wouldnt flow, and engine would overheat, and all the heat would be blocked so you would have no heat

to test a thermostat

just put it in boiling water

if it opens up, its goodIs my thermostat busted? Or is my head gasket blown? How can i tell?the symptoms for a blown head gasket are,

oil filler cap has a white film on it

your car blows steam even after warmed up

your oil level rises as your coolant level drops.

the best way to test for a blown headgasket is to pressure test the cylinders and check the results
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