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How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?

My car broke down. It was running fine. I think someone I have a problem with put something in my gas tank. The mechanic told that the head gasket blew up and water and oil mixed up, but when i first opened the carburetor it was full of white looking stuff i guess it is a mixture of water and oil i think. the head gasket is fixed, but he is telling that he is still having a problem with the car and has to change the carbourator. How would I know if this person did something to my car?How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?IF IT WAS WATER THE CAR WOULD SPUTTER . IF IT WAS SUGAR THE CAR WOULD NEVER RUN AGAIN. THE SUGAR DISSOLVES IN GAS THEN GETS HEATED WHEN THE CAR IS RUNNING. AFTER YOU TURN THE MOTOR OFF AND THE CAR COOLS OFF. THE SUGAR RE-CRYSTALIZES AND CAUSES THE MOTOR TO SEIZE. THE HEAD GASKET BLOWING SOUNDS LIKE THE CAR GOT TOO HOT, LOW ON WATER OR OIL. SINCE YOUR STILL HAVING PROBLEMS SOUNDS LIKE IT MAY HAVE CRACKED THE HEAD.How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?Someone just blessed me with a car and its sitting in my drive way with a fake plate,hasnt been moved sence i got it,some crazy people that live upstairs down like me %26amp; dont even know me they are/ or have planned to put sugar in my tank.Can the tank be taken off before I run the car to see sugar?

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How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?Unless someone saw said person do something to your car, there is no way to tell.How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?you could ask them. maybe the guilt will well up and they'll confess.How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?take a gas sample and check it. disconnect your gas line to your carburetor and see if it has any water or contaminationHow would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?Nah I seriously doubt it.

A carbuerated car is different than a fuel injected. WHen you shut off the engine there is a bit of vacuum that can draw oil up into the carb and that can mess it up good.

If it is fuel injected like most post 1984 cars are ask him where the carb is.... then you can run....How would I know if someone put water or sugar inside my car's gas tank?Just dumping some packets of Sugar really does not do much damage to your cars engine. If someone really knew what they were doing...bye..bye engine. I'm not going into detail about HOW to do it.....there may have been something out in....but Carburetors can be cleaned and rebuilt...I just wonder why your guy is just replacing the whole thing ?

Considering purchasing 2000 Outback, 165,000 miles as 2nd vehicle..reliability/gasket question?

A friend of ours has a 2000 Subaru Outback for sale. We've been wanting to get a wagon type vehicle for my wife because she hates getting our kid's carseat in/out of the back of the Sunfire (our only vehicle currently). The Outback will be the %26quot;extra%26quot; vehicle except for long (about 200 miles roundtrip) drives to our relatives' houses. I see that there are head gasket problems mentioned a lot in the years PRIOR to this model so I'm wondering from those owners who own or HAVE OWNED this specific model and year:

1) How often have you had this head gasket replacement issue come up? (The gaskets in this one have been changed recently)

2) Any other major repair issues?

3) How many miles on yours currently? (or when it died or you sold it whichever came first if you no longer have). Concerned a bit about the high mileage but our budget is probably too limited to buy a whole lot newer model.

Thanks for your help in advance.Considering purchasing 2000 Outback, 165,000 miles as 2nd vehicle..reliability/gasket question?your problem is going to be the 165K + miles on it :S Once a car gets up there it starts having problems. I had a car and was fine until it hit 120,000+ . Same thing with my sister. Little things startd to go. $1,000 here, $500 there. It started to add up :SConsidering purchasing 2000 Outback, 165,000 miles as 2nd vehicle..reliability/gasket question?I'm sorry that all of us answering so far have NOT owned any Outbacks. We're just answering based upon general common knowledge.

I used to have an older 1981 Subuaru wagon, and that engine had about 160K on it, and it was still going strong. I would usually trust Subaru engines, much as I trust Toyota engines. But admittedly there might be some gasket problems. Wish I could help on that specific question.

It's true that having 165K on the Outback is important, but not its death. The problem is that mileage and use affects ALL parts of a car, not just the engine, and all parts of the engine.

I'd be worried about strength and condition of struts/shocks. They should have already been replaced once and are due a 2nd time, becuase they usually last about 70K or so miles.

Also things like alternator, water pump, etc need consideration. But most of all is timing chain. Those usuall last 100K miles, and you want to change them out BEFORE they break. And always check condition of water pump when working on timing belt/chain, because it's the same dang labor to fix both. Much easier and cheaper to get new water pump at same time as chain, if it's getting older.

The mileage isn't too bad for the years used. 10 yr old car (for 2010 models), means that 165Kmiles driven is about 16K annually, which is just a bit more than normal. So it's not excessively used for its age, and that's good.

I would imagine that if there is a gasket problem with the Outbacks, then its because of the material of the gasket, rather than of engine. But since it's been changed recently, I think you could get some excellent use and time out of the Outback before any possible gasket problem again.

I used to think getting used cars meant I didn't have to deal with all extra stuff on cars, I could just buy it, get in and drive, but I've since learned the opposite.Considering purchasing 2000 Outback, 165,000 miles as 2nd vehicle..reliability/gasket question?The Outback of your year should be 2.5L SOHC, considered as the phase 2 engine. The subaru had request to add the coolant conditioner into the coolant if not yet do so. The engine HG may have external leak instead of the internal leak (the phase 1 DOHC).

If you have a chance, select the model after the 2002 which means anything made after the 6/02 (that stamped on the driver side).

To answer your questions:

1. It did not have a definite mileage. Some had it around 40k and replaced it and ended for another 200k. Some had it around 130k and blown off... You can check to see if the car had it done by looking the gasket around, to see if any leakage observe. If you see oil stain or coolant leaking, don't even border to negotate the price, skip the car.

2. Timing belt, the interval is 95k and then 190k for your car, 165k seemed to be the second timing belt replacement...and also did the previous owner clean the tranny fluid and keep the car in well maintanence condition?

3. I have the 1999 Legacy Outback 30year LTD edition. I decided to have the gasket done because the coolant is running kinda funny (a sign for the HG going to fail), it cost me around 3k-4k for it. The car has 94000 miles on it. If you like, I can sell you mine...I live in MD...

How to check the timing on a 1999 mercury cougar?

It just stopped running.I use it for a work car.It is a 1999 2.5 V6.The gas guage shows 1/4 tank still.I changed the fuel filter.While I had the filter off I turned on the key and gas came out but I dont know if its enough pressure to start it.It will hit and barely run if I mess with it enough but it smokes white looking smoke.It had the same problem not long after I bought it and the dealer took it back and had it less than a day and fixed it.He said it was the fuel filter the first time.Would a fuel pump being bad make the smoke white?Usually that means head gasket cracked I know but it was doing it before and they didnt change any gasket?Has any one had this problem or does any one have any advice for me?I dont want to get rid of it,I have nearly nothing in it so I can afford to fix it.I'd just like to try to fix it myself before I take it to a garage. Thanks.How to check the timing on a 1999 mercury cougar?if the exhuast is pouring out white smoke in large amounts you got a cracked cyl head or head gasket issues, Youre looking between $1500 to $2000 for a fix. If its the head gasket job or cracked cyl head.How to check the timing on a 1999 mercury cougar?The 4 cylinder Cougars had a timing belt. If your 6 cylinder has a timing belt (rather than a timing chain), then it could have slipped or broken especially if you have over 100,000 miles on the engine. If you do have a timing belt, your engine is probably not an %26quot;interference%26quot; type, so you could remove a spark plug and check the cylinder compression using a compression gauge to see if there's little or no compression due to the timing being way off. If the engine seems to crank faster than normal with a full battery charge, that's a sign that the timing belt broke or slipped because the engine is easy to turn over when the cylinder compression is down.

I'm too scared to do an oil change.?

I have a 4 cylinder vtec honda accord and I want to put Mobil 1 5w30 4Q + Lucas oil stabilizer 1Q; total 5 quarts into the engine. Total engine oil capacity according the the manual says 4.5 US quarts. How should I go about putting this oil in?

I am kind of a noob with oil changes. I have done it before on this car but I feel like I know nothing. What I think I can do is put in 3 quarts mobil1 then 1 quart Lucas then .5 quart mobil1 then check the levels, add a little more then check? Any advice would be nice. I was also thinking of saving a little Lucas for use in my lawnmower engine.

Second question is since I am using synthetic, I want to prepare for likely leaks. I heard that most often synthetic leaks come from one spot, but I cant remember what part (head gasket?) and I cant find where I read it. Anyways, I want to know how to check for oil leaks and what to do once I find them.

So ya, I dont know why but I keep procrastinating cause I dont want to mess up an oil change.I'm too scared to do an oil change.?just use the correct 5/20 wt oil your car requires and if your not able to do it take it to the closest Honda dealer

and synthetic oils are by far the biggest waste of money for your Accord. No honda models use it.

but if you think paying more for oil is better well I got some special gas tank magnets that i will sell ya for 100 bucks each :)I'm too scared to do an oil change.?Just take it to an oil change shop. It think it's only $60 or even less...I'm too scared to do an oil change.?If you use mobil one oil you do not need to add anything else. The oil is one of the best and needs nothing more.I'm too scared to do an oil change.?O.k. I am not going to promote using mobil-1 oil or any other brand. I believe in using what the owners manual says. For instance, I use Valvoline 5-30W in my wifes 04 Tahoe. Additives are more of a waste of money than a help and I wouldn't use them unless for a transmission shudder or something so don't trust everything you read on the bottle. I only have 15 years as a technician. O.k, for the oil change. You've done it before so it should come back to you. But here we go. First, raise and properly support the front of the car to gain access to the drain plug. Place a drain pan under the car and remove the plug from the engine oil pan. Let all the oil drain. Remove the oil filter and let the oil drain from there also. REINSTALL THE OIL PLUG, AND TIGHTEN IT. I can't tell how many engines I've seen ruined because the drain plug was not tightened. Take a little bit of new oil on your finger and lube the gasket of the new oil filter. Install the new oil filter after cleaning the area with a rag to remove any old oil. Lower the car. Pour in the amount of oil the owners manual calls for. Look under the car and check for leaks. Check the dipstick. It should read a little high. Start the car and watch the oil pressure guage/light and make sure it comes to normal. Turn off the car, check for leaks again, and check the oil level. Your done...Good luck, hope it helps...I'm too scared to do an oil change.?So easy, I can do it...but I won'tI'm too scared to do an oil change.?By my calculation you should put in .88% of the 4 qts of 5w30 and .88% of the synthetic.Roughly 3 and 3/4 5 w30 and 3/4 synthetic.You are right the head gasket is the likely place for a leak and fixing it would be as someone suggested not to use the synthetic.Minor leaking can be expected but unless your losing significant oil(qt a week) replacing the head gasket would be out of the question.I would avoid messing with the head gasket,it is costly and often times complicates further engine problems.I'm too scared to do an oil change.?if you procrastinate to long you ll be asking about an engine change so GET R DONE. the oil you use is up to you. i would use it but i change my oil alot because i drive alot of miles. i would put in 2-3 quarts of Mobil 1 oil then what ammount of lucas and the rest with mobil. make sure you start the engine before you top it off so you know how much oil you need to add

98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?

Do a compression check on each cylinder and see which is not the same as the rest.98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?cylinder leakage test98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?is there coolant in the oil
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  • 98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?

    Generally if head gaskets go bad, either coolant is pumped into the oil or oil is pumped in to coolant or both. It turns oil foamy white and it turns coolant kind of a light brown.

    If your head gaskets are blown, your engine will heat in some situations. There is also a device called a pressure tester that you connect to the coolant filler neck on your radiator. If you put the tester on the cooling system and it doesn't hold it's pressure then your head gaskets probably are blown.

    White smoke can result from condensation in your exhaust system too. The heads could be leaking coolant into the exhaust ports in the head. If your engine isn't heating and isn't pumping the coolant and oil together, your gaskets are probably all right.

    Use the pressure tester to see if your cooling system bleeds off pressure.

    Good luck98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?a compression test98 5.7 vortec seems to blow a lot of white smoke. intakes were do i check for bad head gaskets?pressure test the coolant system.

    How much would it cost to...?

    how much would it cost to paint a 4 door subaru... black with silver spiderweb pattern, change 2.2 liter head gaskets, right front axel, struts, timing belt, water pump, and change interior fabric color.How much would it cost to...?depends on what color your vehicle is now... it it's a different color the paint will cost you upwards of $5,000 alone without the spiderweb... head gaskets you may as well do yourself because there is only one and it won't take but 2 hours or so and costs only $8.00 or so... timing belt will take 5 minutes and cost you $20.00... interior upholstery will spike the price, especially if you want leather... leather can cost you around $250.00 per captain chair... a bench seat would be more along the lines of $500... axles struts and water pumps all depend on how hard they are to get out... the more time you pay someone to try and get these items out the more money you are putting in their pocket... what you are talking about doing isn't cheap in the least... I would suggest sticking with whatever color the car already is, then do the spiderweb pattern on top of that... that'll take $3,000 off this project real fast...How much would it cost to...?roughly 8500 to 12000 pending on paintHow much would it cost to...?Earl Scheib will do the car the black for about $200. The spiderweb design you will need to price out but I would guess around a grand. The head gasket should be, for parts and labor, about $400 or so. The axle, about $300. Struts, will run approximately $200 plus.The water pump will run between $40 and $100, depending on what quality and warranty you want. Labor should be about 3 or 4 hours. So, about $300. You can buy a spray paint to change the interior color. It runs about $10 a can I believe. You'll probably want 3 or 4 cans.

    Here's some links for the upholstery paint: