Thursday, September 22, 2011

1986 Honda CRX with blown head gasket. Help?

I was driving my CRX when she died on me. I got her to start again later, but ran extremely rough. After checking most things i found Oil in my coolant (radiator %26amp; Overflow) No coolant in my oil though. Automatically i'm thinking head gasket. I've worked on cars b4 doing small things (oil changes, plugs, wires, rotors, brakes, struts, water pump) How hard is it to do a head Gasket on 1986 CRX? Has anyone ever done one? Shes a cool little go kart of a car and does great on gas. Any advice/direction or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.1986 Honda CRX with blown head gasket. Help?the end is high.

the cylinder head could be cracked too.

its not worth the expense, trust me

finally time to get a newer car1986 Honda CRX with blown head gasket. Help?wow an '86 honda crx? I know that its honda and all but even honda will eventually breakdown especially after 22 years.. just get a slightly newer car.1986 Honda CRX with blown head gasket. Help?The head gasket replacement is not a hard job, BUT it is not a job for a novice either.

Buy a Chilton service manual. (The pro book is a better buy, Even if it is over 50.00) The 14.00 book tends to leave some blanks that I don't like.

If you have done a water pump, then I think you will be able to handle a 4 cyl. head gasket, just follow the procedure in the manual and be sure to buy new bolts or studs before you torque the head back on.

(You may want to get the head checked for warp or small cracks) It is CHEAP INSURANCE!!!

BTW, I disagree with the posts that say you need a %26quot;newer car%26quot; The CRX is a great little car.1986 Honda CRX with blown head gasket. Help?buy new car, head gasket is a garage job, needs skimming level to gurantee a new gasket kit would fix the problem of blwon original gasket. also the head may be cracked and a new or recon head would be pricy send her to the scarp yard in the sky.